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New Product Arrivals

  • Bam Supreme Cosmic Hightech Polycarbonate Contoured Violin Case

    The Bam Cosmic Hightech violin case provides exceptional protection and innovative design. Features include: Suspension, plush interior, two bow holders, neoprene shoulder straps and a zippered accessory pouch.

  • Bam Peak Performance Gray Violin Case

    This sturdy and rugged case is designed to protect the violin during travel over long distances. Made from injected high-density polyurethane foam, this case includes two thickly cushioned backpack straps, an integrated ergonomic cushion, and a chest strap for added support. Available in 1/2 - 4/4 sizes for violin.

  • Bam Ergonomic Backpack for Cello Case

    Designed for Bam Cases, this ergonomic backpack system is ideal for carrying the cello for long distances. Includes padded backpack straps, additional chest and hip straps, as well as a padded back cushion with a music pocket.

  • Beaumont Sheet Music Carrying Bags

    These music bags are stylish but functional and suitable for any musician. With attractive designs, they also have excellent features including extra strong waterproof zippers, rubber trimming, secure strap hooks, an adjustable shoulder strap, an identification tag and a large accessories zipper pocket.

  • JSI/CHV Suede Microfiber Polishing Cloth

    The JSI/CHV Polishing Cloth is a blend of gentle Chamois style microfiber, reinforced with sewn edges to reduce lint and tears. The non-abrasive German-engineered ink is designed to remain, wash after wash, and won't rise up. Perfectly gentle for all surfaces.

  • WonderThumb Teaching Aid

    Get used to playing with a relaxed hand with Wonderthumb, a unique left-hand aid. By residing in the ''Mouse House'', Wonderthumb keeps the neck of the instrument in the correct position, while keeping your fingers free to play. Available in five sizes, use Wonderthumb to open up your left hand and maintain proper form!

  • Amplifier

    Genzler Acoustic Array Pro Acoustic Combo Amplifier

    A versatile package for any musician, the Genzler Acoustic Array Pro brings a fresh approach to acoustic amplification. The AA Pro features an innovative speaker system, which combines a specialized 10'' woofer and a line array of four 2.5'' neodymium paper-cone drivers. This unique system means there is no compromise - the lows are deep and round, the mids and highs are defined and crystal clear.

  • Violin Strings Cover

    Perpetual Violin Strings

    Pirastro Perpetual provides a large sound volume and carrying power combined with a precisely focused sound projection. The clarity of its sound is balanced with an abundance of colors. Its vibrant tone attack and optimal string response seamlessly complement Perpetual's sound qualities from extreme fortissimo to the most sensitive whisper. The innovative core material allows a comfortable smoothness during legato, shifting, string crossings, double stops and chords. The extended reverberation of the Perpetual brings forth an exuberant luster.

  • Music Stand Light

    Aria Forte Rechargeable Music Stand Light

    Aria's best rechargeable light. Read music for over 8 hours on full brightness and 36 hours on half brightness. Perfect for gigging indoors or out, stages, pits, or chamber music, the Aria Forte delivers bright, consistent light across a full-sized part up to 4 pages wide. A full-range dimmer lets you match the light level to the environment and conserve battery power. Forte maintains constant brightness right to the end of the charge.

  • Magnet

    K&M 16099 Holding magnet with Pencil

    A practical pencil and holding magnet with extreme adhesive force! Sticks to all music stands and orchestra stands with magnetic surfaces. Suitable for all pencils with a diameter of 6 to 7.5 mm.

  • Cello Strings

    Versum Solo Cello Strings

    The Versum Solo edition offers unprecedented possibilities of combining color, sound and texture. These strings were designed for profound power, ideal response and optimal projection. With effortless virtuosity they are poised to enhance the performances of even the most discerning players.

  • Rosin

    Sanctus Rosin

    Sanctus is formulated to provide more possibilities in the sound of stringed instruments. This unique combination of two sophisticated rosin formulas provides the optimum balance for sound and bow control. These formulas have been put into two separate areas in one special rosin cake to show the clear definition of their roles.

  • Viola Strings

    Alphayue Viola Strings

    Alphayue surprises with sound qualities and balance never before available at this price point. Advanced materials married with a sophisticated design result in a professional sound with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality.

  • Cello Strings

    Alphayue Cello Strings

    Alphayue surprises with sound qualities and balance never before available at this price point. Advanced materials married with a sophisticated design result in a professional sound with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality.

  • PinkyHold

    PinkyHold for Violin and Viola

    The PinkyHold assists students in creating smooth bow strokes. Often-neglected, the pinky finger is necessary for creating a beautiful, balanced bow change. The lightweight PinkyHold guides the finger into an agile curve on the bow. As muscle memory develops, this proper form is secured for the player.


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