New Products

Carriage House Violins prides itself on having the best products available to string musicians. Our buyers travel the world in search of innovative new products that meet our high standards. Browse the latest we have to offer; check back soon as we add new items all the time!

  • Soundbrenner Core Steel Wearable Metronome

    Play better. Anytime. Anywhere! This is a true multipurpose smart music tool with the convenience of wearable technology. Includes a vibrating metronome, contact tuner, dB meter and watch in one device. Device diameter: 1.70”

  • Hill Conservation Wax

    Newly formulated specifically to help clean, care for and conserve your fine stringed instruments and bows, W.E. Hill & Sons' Conservation Wax is made using a unique blend of microcrystalline waxes and citrus oils.

  • The Twinkle Mat

    In the Suzuki method tradition, Twinkle Mats create a focused space for beginning violinists to develop their best posture and position. Each mat comes with a set of Felt Foot Stickers so you can choose your students' foot position. Easy to roll up and go, Twinkle Mat creates a flexible practice space students, parents and teachers will enjoy.

  • WMutes

    The amount of muted sound is similar to a standard practice mute, but its design and materials produce a much richer, stable and focused sound.Made of an especially refined bronze, WMutes are plated with gold (1mc 24k), ruthenium or silver with the same sound quality.

  • Bam Youngster Violin Cases

    The newly redesigned Bam case for 3/4 or 1/2 violin features BAM France’s innovation specifically designed for kids and smaller instruments. The fun range of colors offers personalization, while the deep injected-foam interior cradles the violin in protection from both extreme weather and impacts. Extremely comfortable back-back system makes it easier than ever for kids to carry their violins.

  • Sound Orchestra

    A new publication for ensemble development of string or full orchestras. Warm-up exercises and chorales to improve blend, balance, intonation, phrasing, and articulation.


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