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Jon Crumrine
Bow Maker

Jon Crumrine began playing violin at age 4. He holds a degree in viola performance from the University of Michigan. While a student and later as an orchestral musician, Jon enjoyed spending time in violin shops learning more about instruments and bows. This curiosity led him to a sales position with Shar Products in Ann Arbor.

In 1992, Jon began working on bows with Jerry Pasewicz in Ann Arbor. He then attended the Violin Craftsmanship Institute at the University of New Hampshire where he studied with Lynn Hannings and George Rubino. This training led him to a position at Williams Gengakki Violins in Atlanta, and while there he commenced a series of visits to Munich, Germany, to study with Bogenmachermeister Markus Wörz. Jon has also spent numerous summers participating in the Oberlin College Bow Makers Workshop where he worked with French master, Jean Grunberger, and other top American bow makers.

In 2000, Jon moved to the Boston area to become the head of the bow department at Reuning & Son Violins and then worked as the Sales Manager at Johnson String Instrument. In May 2011, Jon joined Carriage House Violins where he is available for bow rehairing, repair, and restoration.

Jon seeks out the finest materials available, paying particular attention to the quality, beauty, and age of the pernambuco wood he prefers. He blends elements of the classic French aesthetic with original ideas to emphasize sound and playability.

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