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Jess Fox
Customer Repair Manager

Jess Fox attended the North Bennet Street School violin making program from 2003-2006. After graduation, she began working at Carriage House Violins, now under the ownership of Johnson String Instrument. She continues to expand her knowledge of repair and restoration techniques, taking courses and learning from the other accomplished restorers in the workshop.

Jess has been playing the violin since the age of six, with a short detour in high school to study the saxophone. After receiving a BA in studio art and art history, Jess started woodworking at a small fine art gallery and framing shop, making high-end picture frames. Instrument making was the perfect next step, combining all of her interests of art, music, and woodworking.

In the fall of 2015, Jess was promoted to head of the customer repair department. She enjoys helping customers make their instruments sound, feel, and function at their best. As a regular performer across many genres, Jess has a discerning ear and has the ability to work with many different playing styles. She is an excellent resource for questions about amplification.

Jess Fox


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