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Previous Sales

The instruments and bows listed below are a small sample of previous notable instrument sales we have made in the past few years at Carriage House Violins. To learn more about our current offerings, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

  • Giovanni Pistucci violin, Naples circa 1900

  • Gand and Bernardel violin, Paris 1886

  • Gennaro Gagliano violin in collaboration with Ferdinando Gagliano, Naples circa 1770

  • Giulio Degani violin, Venice 1902

  • Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin, Paris mid 19th century

  • Carl G. Becker violin no. 445, Chicago 1943

  • Gaetano Antoniazzi violin, Cremona circa 1870

  • John Frederick Lott violin, London circa 1850

  • Angelo Molia violin, Genoa circa 1750

  • Antonio Gagliano II violin, Naples circa 1840

  • Pieter Rombouts violin, Amsterdam circa 1690 with a head by another maker of the 18th century.

  • Armando Altavilla violin, Naples circa 1910

  • Samuel Zygmuntowicz violin, New York 2000

  • Leandro Bisiach Sr. violin, Milan 1907

  • George Gemunder violin, Astoria 1889

  • Franz Geissenhof viola, Vienna 1794

  • Thomas Kennedy cello, London circa 1830

  • Francesco Rugeri cello, Cremona circa 1690. The top by George Craske and the scroll by another maker.

  • Riccardo Antoniazzi cello, Milan 1910

  • Charles Adolphe Maucotel cello, Paris 1854

  • Mattio Popella cello, Naples circa 1705

  • Samuel Zygmuntowicz cello, New York 2003

  • William Forster cello, London 1789

  • Henry Lockey Hill cello, London circa 1820

  • Armando Altavilla cello, Naples 1926

  • W. E. Hill and Sons cello no. 15, London 1893

  • Nicolas François Vuillaume cello, Paris 1841

  • Carlo Carletti cello, circa 1900

  • Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi cello, Milan dated 1771

  • James and Henry Banks cello, Salisbury circa 1790

  • Orsolo Gotti cello, circa 1915

  • John Dodd violin bow, London circa 1790

  • James Tubbs violin bow

  • Auguste Barbé violin bow, circa 1895

  • Joseph LaFleur violin bow, Paris circa 1850

  • Émile Auguste Ouchard violin bow

  • Jean Joseph Martin violin bow, Mirecourt circa 1870

  • Charles Peccatte violin bow, Paris circa 1865. The button later.

  • Eugène Nicolas Sartory violin bow

  • François Nicolas Voirin violin bow, Paris circa 1865

  • François and Leonard Tourte violin bow circa 1800. Modern replica fittings.

  • Eugène Nicolas Sartory violin bow

  • François Nicolas Voirin cello bow, Paris circa 1880

  • John Dodd cello bow, London circa 1800. Later fittings.

  • Jules Fétique cello bow, Paris circa 1930

  • William Salchow cello bow

  • Nikolai Kittel violin bow

  • Eugène Sartory violin bow, branded "Expo 1910"

  • Joseph Henry violin bow, Paris circa 1855, button later

  • Jacob Eury violin bow, Paris circa 1815, frog and button later

  • André Chardon viola bow

  • Pierre Simon cello bow, button later

  • François Nicolas Voirin cello bow, Paris circa 1860

  • Jean 'Grand' Adam cello bow, later fittings

  • James Tubbs engraved violin bow

  • Charles Peccatte violin bow

  • Émile Auguste Ouchard violin bow, Exposition Paris 1937

  • Émile Auguste Ouchard viola bow

  • Émile August Ouchard cello bow

  • Eugène Sartory cello bow circa 1920

  • Étienne Pajeot cello bow with contemporary frog


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