Music Dictionary; Essential Dictionary of Music (Alf)

Music Dictionary; Essential Dictionary of Music (Alf)
This popular and useful collection of terms, composers, and theory is perfect for all musicians…amateur to professional. It contains over 330 pages of comprehensive music information. Published by Alfred Publishing Co.
Includes the pronunciations of foreign terms
Cross-referenced for ease of use
Up-to-date electronic music terms
Music examples make definitions clear
Important biographical information on composers, spanning middle ages to contemporary-pop
Each entry is broken down into date of birth and death - historical period of music - compositional media - items of importance
Helpful music theory charts include scales, modes, chords, key signatures, and more
Includes Tablature and guitar notation examples
Instrument and Vocal Ranges:
Comprehensive list for woodwinds, brass, stringed instruments,(with open-string pitches), and much more
Includes written and sounding ranges for transposing instruments
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Publisher: Alfred Publishing
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