Pierre-Yves Fuchs violin bow

Pierre-Yves Fuchs violin bow
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Swiss bow maker Pierre-Yves Fuchs is one of the most celebrated bow makers working today. He studied with Stéphane Thomachot, Gilles Duhaut, Pierre Guillaume, and Benoît Rolland before establishing his own workshop in 1997.

His bows are in high demand among professional players worldwide, and they have won numerous awards at international competitions. In the Violin Society of America competition of 2004, Fuchs received the unprecedented honor of winning four Gold Medals: one for each of his violin, viola, cello, and bass bows, earning him the title of Hors Concours.

His bow making style is inspired by Peccatte, Maire, and Pajeot.

Round. Ebony and silver ftitings. 4/4
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