16 1/4" Jaime González viola, Boston 2023

16 1/4" Jaime González viola, Boston 202316 1/4" Jaime González viola, Boston 202316 1/4" Jaime González viola, Boston 2023
Catalog ID: N-VA/5139

Jaime Gabriel González began his career as a violin maker while living and working in Mexico. He had the opportunity to attend some events in the United States, specifically those sponsored by the Violin Society of America and held at Oberlin College. He was so taken by the quality of instruments being produced and the talent at these events, that he became passionate about developing his craft to the highest level. This led him to look for any and every opportunity to relocate to the USA, where he could be exposed to the high level of artisanship that he found on his visits. In 2022, Jaime joined the workshop at Carriage House Violins.

Jaime's instruments have received numerous awards including a gold medal for viola workmanship, a gold medal for violin workmanship, and the Bill Barnitz Award at the 2023 Violin Makers Association of Arizona, International competition. He received a workmanship award for violin at the 2023 Southern Violin Association competition, and he made a cello in collaboration with fellow luthier, Pablo Alfaro, as an entry to the 2022 Violin Society of America competition in Anaheim.

Length of back: 410 mm 16” up to 16 1/2"
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