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Luigi Azzola violin, Turin 1932

Luigi Azzola violin, Turin 1932Luigi Azzola violin, Turin 1932Luigi Azzola violin, Turin 1932
Catalog ID: C-2934

Luigi Azzola (1883-1973) was born in the Veneto region of Italy and moved with his musical family to Turin in 1896. It is there that he came into contact with famed violin maker Annibale Fagnola. In fact, Luigi was listed as a resident in Fagnola's home after the latter's death in 1939. He likely remained in the Fagnola workshop collaborating with Annibale's sons-Annibalotto and Marcello-to keep the business running until the outbreak of WWII, when many luthiers were forced to close up shop. Luigi was listed as residing in the Fagnola house until 1944, but he remained in Turin for the rest of his life.

Length of back: 356 mm 4/4
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