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Antonín Lancinger violin, Prague 1935

Antonín Lancinger violin, Prague 1935Antonín Lancinger violin, Prague 1935Antonín Lancinger violin, Prague 1935
Catalog ID: A-VN/5032

Anonín Lancinger (1896–1962) was Czech violin maker who apprenticed with the Šámal brothers in Prague. After serving in WWI, he returned to Prague to begin his long and prolific career as a professional violin maker, working briefly again for his previous employer before establishing an independent workshop in Prague. Lancinger was a founding member of the Circle of Czech master violin makers, and his work lived on through the pupils he trained—namely Bohuslav Pwechar and his son, Zdenek who assumed ownership of the Lancinger workshop after Anonín’s death.

Length of back: 358 mm 4/4
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