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Home Concert (one or two violins); Suzuki



  • Part 1
  • Minuet (W. A. Mozart)
  • March (W. A. Mozart)
  • Aria in F (W. A. Mozart)
  • Aria in D (W. A. Mozart)
  • Slowly Ever Onward (Folk Song)
  • For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (Folk Song)
  • Can You Count the Stars (Folk Song)
  • Within a Shady Valley (Folk Song)
  • Sleep, Darling Son (C. M. von Weber)
  • Down in the Lowlands (Folk Song)
  • Drinking Song (Folk Song)
  • Coburger March (German)
  • Torgauer March (German)
  • Part 2
  • Aria in G (W. A. Mozart)
  • Allegro (W. A. Mozart)
  • Minuet (W. A. Mozart)
  • Two Polonaises (W. A. Mozart)
  • Tyrolean Song (Folk Song)
  • Get Up, Merry Swiss Boy (Folk Song)
  • Pastorale (G. F. Handel)
  • Cradle Song (W. A. Mozart)
  • Poor Orphan Child (R. Schumann)
  • Minuet (L. van Beethoven)
  • Minuet for Three Violins (unaccompanied) (W. A. Mozart)
Book Type: Suzuki and Suzuki Related
Publisher: Summy-Birchard Company
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