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Genzler Acoustic Array Pro Acoustic Combo Amplifier

A versatile package for any musician, the Genzler Acoustic Array Pro brings a fresh approach to acoustic amplification. The AA Pro features an innovative speaker system, which combines a specialized 10'' woofer and a line array of four 2.5'' neodymium paper-cone drivers. This unique system means there is no compromise - the lows are deep and round, the mids and highs are defined and crystal clear.

Combined with Genzler's dual channel preamp and light-weight Class D power section, the AA PRO faithfully reproduces the natural tone of your stringed instrument. Rated at 150 Watts, this amp can handle a wide range of scenarios, from home practice to bigger venues. And at only 27 pounds, the AA Pro is easy to transport!

PREAMP: Identical dual channels with Mic and Instrument inputs on each.
INPUT: 5Meg ohm input impedance.
CHANNEL VOLUME: Voiced to provide natural, transparent reproduction of the instrument.
INPUT PHASE SWITCH: reverses the polarity of the instrument input to help control potential feedback.
CONTOUR: continuously variable control of a pre-shaped curve that boosts lows and highs while simultaneously cutting Mids. The slope is fairly gentle which keeps the tone shaping very musical.
ACTIVE EQUALIZATION: The AA-PRO contains an active 3 band equalizer with a sweepable parametric mid-range frequency control.
  • Digital Effect � Each channel has its own set of REVERB and CHORUS level controls that provide the user with the most flexibility in having either or both effects on each channel.
  • POWER AMP � The Acoustic Array PRO uses a state of the art, Class D power amplifier design and a high frequency auto-sensing universal switch-mode power supply.
  • XLR Direct Output: 3 Outputs
  • Channel 1: Pre-EQ
  • Channel 2: Pre-EQ
  • Global: Post EQ
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Effects Loop
  • Aux Input
  • Head Phones
  • Foot Switch � EFFECTS CANCEL (Foot switch not included)
  • Dual 1/4'' Outputs
  • Power Output: 150 Watts / 8 ohms; 300 Watts / 4 ohms (with extension cabinet)
  • Operating Power condition: 100 � 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 16.75''H X 15.75''W X 13.75''D (42.54cm H x 40.0cm W x 34.92cm D)
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