Two Elegies for double bass and piano; Giovanni Bottesini

Two Elegies for double bass and piano; Giovanni Bottesini

Two Elegies for bass and piano by Giovanni Bottesini

  • Edited by Thomas Martin. Published by International

Giovanni Bottesini (1821-89) was one of the most remarkable virtuosos of the 19th century. He was the Romantic era's foremost double bass soloist and composer for the instrument, responsible for greatly extending its technical and expressive possibilities thru concertos, bravura works, and salon pieces, much as Paganini did for the violin. He was also a respected conductor of Italian opera, known for playing virtuosic fantasies on popular opera themes on his bass during intermissions.

Among Bottesini's most popular works are his elegies. His Elegy in D Major is one of his best-known pieces, often performed with his Tarantella. His Elegy in E minor ''Romanza Drammatica'' is a more dramatic and serious piece. Edited by Thomas Martin. Master level, grade 6

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