Dynatomy Face Shield, 10 pack

Dynatomy Face Shield, 10 packDynatomy Face Shield, 10 packDynatomy Face Shield, 10 pack
Catalog ID: ACNADFSM110

The Dynatomy Single-Use Face Shield is lightweight, disposable, cost effective, and provides comfortable coverage.

  • Made with optically clear, 7 mil thick film
  • Full-length shield (9" long) protects face from direct splatter
  • 1.5" foam headband holds the shield away from the face
  • Elastic webbing for comfortable, yet secure fit
  • Latex free

The Dynatomy face shield is marketed through the FDA registered Dynatomy brand that produces physical therapy products.

The CDC suggests using face shields when additional protection is needed to safeguard the face from infectious agents. Unlike goggles, face shields protect the entire face.

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