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4/4 Jay Haide Stradivari European Wood Model Cello


Jay Haide Stradivari European Wood Model Cello

The Jay Haide Modele artistique à l'ancienne family of instruments was developed over many years of collaboration between violin makers Jay Ifshin and Haide Lin, who studied the varnish techniques of master European luthiers.

The distinctive appearance of these instruments is achieved by artful shading and antiquing of the specially formulated varnish to give each instrument the patina of age, so desired by both musicians and connoisseurs.

This Stradivari model, made from fine European tone woods, aims to reproduce features and nuances of original models of these instruments, with meticulous attention to scroll and f-hole carving, top and back archings, and wear-patterns of the varnish. These instruments have a remarkably mature, rich sound for their price range.

Weight: 20.0 lbs
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