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George Wulme-Hudson cello, early 20th century

George Wulme-Hudson cello, early 20th centuryGeorge Wulme-Hudson cello, early 20th centuryGeorge Wulme-Hudson cello, early 20th century
Catalog ID: C-2874

Initially a self-taught maker, George Wulme-Hudson (1862-1952) became known as "the second John Lott" in his lifetime for his excellent craftsmanship and is today considered one of the most important early 20th century British luthiers. Showing a talent for woodworking at a young age, he was employed by a pawn shop to artificially antique the varnish on extant violins so they could pass as older, more valuable instruments. After studying violin at the Guildhall School of Music, Wulme-Hudson worked as a professional violinist before building his first violin in the 1890s. Adding the "Wulme" to his name to distinguish himself from a contemporary luthier also named George Hudson (c. 1859-1916), he began training with Thomas Jacques Holder to become an expert copyist of older Italian models, often fabricating labels with names of important or fictitious Italian makers. He worked prolifically over his long life both as an independent maker as well as for Edward Withers' prominent London shop.

Length of back: 755 mm 4/4
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