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Carlo Giuseppe Oddone cello, Turin 1927

Carlo Giuseppe Oddone cello, Turin 1927Carlo Giuseppe Oddone cello, Turin 1927Carlo Giuseppe Oddone cello, Turin 1927
Catalog ID: C-2679

Carlo Giuseppe Oddone (1866–c.1935) was a renowned violin maker belonging to the Turin school in the Piedmont region of Italy. Around the age of thirteen, he began as an apprentice in the workshop of Benedetto Gioffredo 'Rinaldi,' a pupil of Giovanni Francesco Pressenda, who also trained Enrico Marchetti and Romano Marengo Rinaldi. After about a decade in the Rinaldi workshop, Oddone traveled to London to train with Frederick Chanot, where he gained valuable insights into French violinmaking techniques. In 1892, he returned to Turin and opened up his own workshop on the River Po. Over the span of his illustrious career, Oddone made around 300 instruments, which often bear a golden-yellow varnish and are branded around the end button. Many of his instruments are based on Stradivari and Guarneri 'del Gesù' models that display the influences of Pressenda and Chanot.

Length of back: 765 mm 4/4
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