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Enrico Politi violin, Rome 1925

Enrico Politi violin, Rome 1925Enrico Politi violin, Rome 1925Enrico Politi violin, Rome 1925
Catalog ID: C-2447

Highly influential in the world of Italian lutherie during the first half of the twentieth century, Enrico Politi (1885-1979) is remembered as one of the outstanding Italian violin makers of his time. Young Enrico learned the art of instrument making from his father Eugenio, who had himself inherited the Cremonese tradition from Enrico Ceruti - the maker known as the last of the great line of violin makers of Cremona. Following the death of his father in 1909, Politi spent the next few years working together with his brother Fernando and remained in Rome after Fernando left for Turin in 1913. He also worked together for brief periods with Giuseppe Fiorini and Simone Sacconi, and was later a competitor to both Sacconi and Sannino in Rome. Politi won high honors in Cremona in 1949 and served as juror at several international meetings and competitions.

Length of back: 356 mm 4/4
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