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Claude Pirot violin, Paris 1800

Claude Pirot violin, Paris 1800Claude Pirot violin, Paris 1800Claude Pirot violin, Paris 1800
Catalog ID: C-2441

Claude Pirot (b.1792, d.1835) was a French luthier. He established himself in Paris and became known for his style, which combines Italian and French schools, particularly during the latter's fin de si├Ęcle period. His craftsmanship was inspired by Antonio Stradivari, as seen in his sound-holes and overall proportions: broad and flat; while his later work bore similarities with his famed contemporary, Nicolas Lupot.

Aside from his interesting accents and beautifully cut scrolls, a great distinction of Pirot violins are their belly design, which has slightly higher arching than his often one-piece backs-a style of his own making. "Whether this is prejudicial to the equality of tone is, of course, a controversial matter," according to William Henley, author of the Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers.

Pirot's choice of varnish was typically thick reddish-brown, but he was also known to utilize pale yellow and deep plum to add rich texture to the overall finish.

Length of back: 359 mm 4/4
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