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Béla Szepessy violin, London 1898
Catalog ID: C-2355

Béla Szepessy (b.1856, d.1925) was a Hungarian maker and repairer of violins, violas, and cellos. He completed his apprenticeship under Alajos Engleder and was the most popular student of Sámuel Nemessányi, who was largely considered as the leading maker of the Hungarian school. In 1874, he worked for Thomas Zach in Vienna then Munich, before settling in London in 1881. During this time, he began to number the instruments he made, which by 1900 were 160 violins, 6 violas, and 3 cellos. By 1916, he recorded 218 instruments combined. This does not include repairs, which took up most of his annual productivity.

He often modeled his instruments after Cremonese masters, mostly Guarneri and Stradivari and occasionally Amati. He applied soft-textured, oil-based varnish on his instruments, usually in yellow, brown, and shades of red. His four-decade career in London introduced Austro-Hungarian craftsmanship in England, with his work widely celebrated among English musicians. According to Willibal Leo Lütgendorff, he repeatedly refused awards and medals offered for his work. He died in Tyrol in 1925.

Sold with a letter from J&A Beare dated 1963

Length of back: 358 mm 4/4
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