Prosper Colas cello bow, circa 1890

Prosper Colas cello bow, circa 1890
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François "Prosper" Colas (b.1842, d.1919) was a French archetier. He began his career with an apprenticeship at his native of Coincourt (Vosges) before moving to Paris around 1871, where he worked for various makers. Around this period, he began using his own brand: "Prosper Colas" and "P.C." for his lower-tier production. He also sold mail-order instruments produced by the main firms of the time, including Marc Laberte and Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy, along with his own.

He was influenced by François Bazin and Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, as well as the early works of Dominique Peccatte. His bows were also likened to those of Charles Claude Husson and Pierre Cuniot. Colas became well-known for his Villaume-style frogs and high, straight heads and wider throats.

He enjoyed the height of his career in the early 1900s, when it was believed to be that he opened his own firm. He was a prolific maker, who also produced a few cellos and violas. Colas died in 1919.

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Jean-Francois Raffin.

Round amourette stick. Ebony and nickel frog. Later button. 4/4
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