Nicolas Maire violin bow, Mirecourt circa 1845

Nicolas Maire violin bow, Mirecourt circa 1845
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Nicolas Rémy Maire (1800-1878) was one of the great 19th-century French bow makers from the town of Mirecourt. It has been reported that he trained in the workshop of Jacques Lafleur in Paris, though it is more likely that he served his apprenticeship under fellow Mirecourt resident, Étienne Pajeot. In 1826, he established his own firm in Mirecourt, which did not survive the economic crisis that hit Mirecourt in the 1830s, though he continued to make bows for other firms.

Following Pajeot's death in 1849, Nicolas Maire moved to Paris. During this period, many of his bows were inspired by the models of Dominique Peccatte, and by the 1860s, his work became more delicate according to the fashion of that time. Maire was a prolific maker, producing bows for high-profile clients such as Charles François Gand, Georges Chanot, J.B. Vuillaume, and his mentor Pajeot-whose influence is noticeable in Maire's output. He died in Paris in 1878.

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