Enrico Marchetti cello

Enrico Marchetti celloEnrico Marchetti celloEnrico Marchetti celloEnrico Marchetti celloEnrico Marchetti cello
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Piedmontese maker Enrico Marchetti was born in Milan in 1855 and died in Turin in 1930. He apprenticed in Milan with Luigi Bajoni and Gaetano Rossi, before moving to Turin to work in the shop of Benedetto Gioffredo Rinaldi. In the late 1870s, Marchetti joined the workshop of Antonio Guadagnini, son of Gaetano Guadagnini II and great grandson of the more famous Giovanni Battista Guadagnini. Marchetti moved his home to the town of Cuorgné in Piedmont in 1881, establishing his own shop and running a successful business there for over 20 years. In 1912, he returned to Turin, where he continued to build instruments for the remainder of his life. He is regarded as one of most prominent makers of the modern Turin school, and his instruments are in high demand.

Length of back: 758 mm 4/4
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