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Gabriel Adolphe Thibout violin, Paris 1858
Catalog ID: C-2263

Gabriel Adolphe Thibout was born in Paris, France in 1804 and died there in 1858. He studied with his father, Jacques Pierre Thibout (1779-1856), an acclaimed maker appointed to the Royal court, Paris Opera, and Paris Conservatory. Adolphe took over the management of the Thibout workshop in 1838, working with his brother, Gabriel Eugène Thibout (1825-1908). Adapting his father's violin making style, Adolphe developed his own instrument models, including a copy of a Guarneri del Gesù model owned by Pierre Rode, the Parisian violin virtuoso and an acquaintance of the Thibouts. Upon Adolphe's untimely death in 1858, Eugène inherited the family business and took custody of his brother's young son, Albert Thibout (1839-1865), who in turn took over the workshop in 1861. Upon Albert's premature death four years later, the Thibout business was sold to Gand Frères.

Length of back: 358 mm 4/4
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