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Ettore Soffritti violin, Ferrara 1911
Catalog ID: C-2139

A leading maker of the modern Emilia-Romagna school, Ettore Soffritti (1877–1928) was born in Ferrara, Italy. After studying and collaborating with his father Luigi Soffritti (1860–1896), his style was influenced by makers in nearby Bologna, particularly Raffaele Fiorini. Becoming highly prolific and celebrated, Soffritti was knighted by King Victor Emmanuel III in 1925, after winning numerous gold medals in international exhibitions, including Brussels in 1910, Ferrara and Turin in 1911, and Rome in 1923. Soffritti's instruments were extremely influential among other important Ferrarese makers, including his students Anselmo Gotti and Ernesto Pevere, and today are highly sought after by professional players and collectors.

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