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7/8 Celeste Farotti cello, Milan 1910

7/8 Celeste Farotti cello, Milan 19107/8 Celeste Farotti cello, Milan 19107/8 Celeste Farotti cello, Milan 1910
Catalog ID: C-2129

Celeste Farotti (1864-1928) worked as self-taught violin maker in San Germano, Italy before moving in 1900 to Milan, home of rival makers Leandro Bisiach and the Antoniazzi brothers. Farotti established himself as a highly skilled restorer and dealer of older historic instruments, as well as a celebrated violin maker, and was awarded numerous gold medals at international exhibitions. With the assistance of his brother Salvatore Farotti and his nephew Celestino Farotto (who reclaimed the original family surname), Farotti's prolific and successful workshop produced both deceptively accurate copies and personal models to rank him as one of the leading makers of the 20th century Piedmontese and Milan schools.

Length of back: 703 mm 7/8
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