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Giovanni Grancino violin, Milan circa 1715
Catalog ID: C-2110

From one of the most esteemed Italian violin making families of the early 18th century, Giovanni Battista Grancino II (1673–1723) was also one of the most notorious. Grancino studied violin making with his father, Giovanni Grancino I (1637–1709), considered the foremost maker of the early Milanese school. After a fatal duel with the rival violin maker Antonio Maria Lavazza in 1708, the younger Grancino was banished from Milan, but continued building instruments elsewhere using his father's label. The intrigue of Grancino's violins has inspired several works of 20th century fiction, and his instruments are very highly sought after by top players and collectors.

Its voice is of an impressive weight and size; in a large concert hall, its tone reaches even the farthest corners of the auditorium with a preternatural clarity and presence, and as it meets the listener, is of an ineffably haunting and emotionally moving quality. Capable of standing up to the challenges facing a concertmaster, a recitalist playing to large metropolitan audiences, or a soloist wrestling with even the heaviest of orchestral accompaniments, its affective power qualifies it as equally effective in more intimate settings.

In short, this is an extremely desirable instrument for any player who appreciates the special tonal qualities that only a great Italian violin can offer. We welcome serious inquiries

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