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Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mezin violin, Paris 1885
Catalog ID: C-2064

Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin (Collin dit Mézin, Mézin père) was born in 1841 into the Collin dynasty of luthiers active in Mirecourt, France since the middle of the 18th century. His surname hyphenated with his mother's family name distinguishes him from his ancestors, including his father Claude Nicolas Collin (c. 1800–1864), who worked with Nicolas François Vuillaume in Brussels, Belgium. After apprenticing at the N. F. Vuillaume workshop with his father, Collin-Mézin left Brussels and worked in Paris and Mirecourt before establishing his own workshop in Paris in 1867. Collin-Mézin won multiple awards for his instruments at the 1878, 1889, and 1900 World's Fair Exhibitions in Paris, and in 1884, he was elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts. Becoming highly renowned, his workshop was patronized by the most important musicians of his time, including violinist Joseph Joachim and cellists Auguste-Joseph Franchomme and Léon Jacquard, all of whom owned instruments made by Collin-Mézin. Bows sold at the Collin-Mézin workshop were made by some of the world's top bow makers, including Charles Nicolas and Charles Louis Bazin, Eugène Cuniot-Hury, Emile François Ouchard, Victor Fétique, and Morizot père and fils. Upon his death in 1923, Collin-Mézin's son Charles Collin-Mézin, Jr. (Collin-Mézin II, Collin-Mézin fils 1870–1934) took over the workshop and moved it to Mirecourt in 1925. In 1934, the business was passed to Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin III (b. 1910).

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