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Thomas Bertrand violin, Brussels 1995
Catalog ID: C-2054

From an early age, in the study of his father sculptor, Thomas Bertrand (born in 1963) could observe the metamorphosis of matter. But it was the music that constantly filled the study that exerted an irresistible attraction. Through learning to play the cello, he realized a fascinating synthesis of matter, form and sound.

After a brief period in college, he immersed himself in the spirit, styles and techniques of classical Italian violin making in Cremona. After graduating from that city's International School of Violin Manufacture (IPIALL) in 1986, he continued his training in Germany, where he learned of the restoration of the masterpieces of the past. In 1991 he opened his workshop in Brussels, where he manufactures instruments and performs sound optimization.

Thomas Bertrand is a member of several violin manufacturers' associations, including ALADFI (France), Klanggestalten (Germany) and VSA (United States). He frequently participates in workshops, seminars, colloquia and exhibitions in France, Germany, Italy and the United States. In this way he keeps abreast of the latest scientific, technical and historical research and constantly renews his inspiration. He is a regular attendant in concert halls and festivals and, as a member of the audience, he also attends master classes.

Length of back: 353 mm 4/4
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