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Andrea Postacchini, Fermo circa 1840
Catalog ID: C-2010

The celebrated Italian violin maker Andrea Postacchini (c. 1786–1862) was born in Fermo in the Marches region of Italy, where he learned the rudiments of instrument making while attending seminary school for the priesthood. Subsequently self-taught after leaving the seminary around 1813 due to the Napoleonic conflict in Northern Italy, Postacchini began incorporating into his instruments stylistic characteristics of Cremonese models. As his reputation as a master craftsman widely spread, Postacchini would posthumously become known as the "Stradivari of the Marches," and his workshop would continue successfully under his son, Raphaele (Raffaele) Postacchini (1823–1892). In 1993, the prestigious International Violin Competition "Andrea Postacchini" was established in Fermo in honor of the revered violin maker, and each year draws the world's top young violinists.

Andrea Postacchini's violins are quite rare and extremely desirable among professional players and collectors.

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