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Wilhelm Hermann Hammig, Leipzig 1892
Catalog ID: C-1993

German violin and bow maker Wilhelm Hermann Hammig (1838–1925) was born into the Hammig dynasty of instrument makers based in Markneukirchen since the early 18th century, following in the footsteps of ancestors Johann Georg (1702–1754), Johann Christian (1732–1816), and his father, Wilhelm August Hammig (c. 1835–1870). After working in Berlin for Carl Grimm (1794–1855), then briefly in Amsterdam, Hammig returned to Markneukirchen in 1864 to establish his own workshop for several productive years. In 1873, Hammig moved for a short time to Frankfurt, before opening another successful business in 1875 in Leipzig, where he served the musicians of the Leipzig Conservatory (now the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig), and the Gewandhaus Orchestra.

Hammig's instruments won several awards in expositions held in Dresden, Milan, Halle, and London, and as his reputation grew, he expanded his business to include a branch in Berlin: Hammig & Sons, run by his son Hermann (Hermann Walther [Walter], fl. 1888–1924). The shop was patronized by virtuoso string players of the day, including renowned Russian violinist Efrem Zimbalist. Numerous renowned bow makers made bows for the Hammig firm, including John Friedrich and Alfred Nürnberger.

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