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Giovanni Floriano Guidanti, Bologna circa 1730
Catalog ID: C-1952

Although little information exists to establish with certainty the Guidanti family tree of Italian luthiers, the celebrated maker Giovanni Floriano Guidanti (also Joannes Florenus Guidantus, Giovanni Fiorino, or Fiorini c. 1687–1760) worked in the San Mamolo neighborhood of Bologna, Italy, home to contemporary violin makers Carlo Tononi and Dom Nicola "Amati" Marchoni. Guidanti is believed to be the son (or near relative) of Floriano Guidanti (Fiorino, Fiorini, or Florenus c. 1643–1715), from whom he inherited the position of instrument repairman at the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna around 1716, among whose esteemed members included violinist Arcangelo Corelli. Other relatives with variations and combinations of the names Guidanti, Fiorino, or Fiorini may have included Antonio Guidanti (d. c. 1683) and Alessandro Fiorini (fl. c. 1671–1700). In addition, it is believed that the highly admired maker referred to as "Fiorini" in theTreatise on Violin Making (Bologna 1786) by Giovanni Antonio Marchi (1727–1807) is Guidanti's father, Floriano, whose instruments Marchi studied while an apprentice at Giovanni Guidanti's workshop around 1755.

Giovanni Floriano Guidanti is considered one of the most important makers of the early 18th century Bolognese school, and his rare instruments are very highly regarded.

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