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Rivolta School cello, circa 1830

Rivolta School cello, circa 1830Rivolta School cello, circa 1830Rivolta School cello, circa 1830
Catalog ID: C-1581

Italian cello made, in our opinion, circa 1830 by a member of the Rivolta school. Labeled Giacomo Rivolta, Milan 1830

Italian luthier Giacomo Rivolta (c. 1770-c. 1844) was one of the most important makers in Milan in the early 19th century. Through his association with Count Cozio di Salabue-collector and connoisseur of 18th century Cremonese instruments-Rivolta became a skilled copyist of Stradivari models. His copying methods and expertise contributed to the resurgence of Cremonese violin making techniques in the 19th century in Milan and beyond. As Rivolta's instruments are quite rare, it is our opinion that this cello was made by another Italian luthier influenced by his work.

Length of back: 758 mm 4/4
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