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Auguste Barbé violin bow, circa 1895

Auguste Barbé violin bow, circa 1895
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Mathias Theophile Auguste Barbé (1853-1902) was the son of Dominique Barbé and the first cousin of violin maker Télesphore Barbé. He completed his apprenticeship in his hometown of Mirecourt, presumably under François Xavier Bazin. He then worked for the firm of Gand & Bernardel Frères in Paris during the early 1880s, which later became Gand & Bernardel in 1886, where he developed a model reminiscent of François Nicolas Voirin, to whom Barbe's bows are often compared. He was a prolific bow maker during his decade-long tenure at the prestigious firm.

By 1897, he moved back to Mirecourt to set up his own firm but continued to work for his Parisian clientele as well as for Chanot & Chardon, Gustave Adolphe Bernardel, Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre, Léon Bernardel, Paul Blanchard, Sébastien Auguste Deroux, and Silvestre & Maucotel. His bows were often branded "A BARBÉ" as well as bearing the brands of the above firms.

Round. Ebony and silver frog and button. 4/4
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