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Anselmo Gotti violin, Ferrara 1956

Anselmo Gotti violin, Ferrara 1956Anselmo Gotti violin, Ferrara 1956Anselmo Gotti violin, Ferrara 1956
Catalog ID: A-VN/4876

The Italian luthier Anselmo Gotti (1902-1962) began his career training with his father, Orsolo. Orsolo Gotti was a celebrated maker who studied with Carlo Carletti and Ettore Soffritti, and in 1918, he won first prize at a maker's competition in Rome. After Orsolo passed away in 1922, Anselmo went to study with Soffritti in Ferrara, eventually taking over his workshop and finishing some of the instruments left still in progress at the time of Soffritti's death in 1928. Two years later, Gotti briefly studied with Anton Wittman in Vienna, then returned to his hometown of Bologna to finish the instruments of Armando Monterumici. In 1933, Gotti established his own workshop in Ferrara. Gotti's style is influenced greatly by Ettore Soffritti and the Ferrarese school, but he also made instruments in his own style as well as Stradivari and Guarneri models.

Length of back: 357 mm 4/4
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