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Gand and Bernardel violin, Paris 1870

Gand and Bernardel violin, Paris 1870Gand and Bernardel violin, Paris 1870Gand and Bernardel violin, Paris 1870
Catalog ID: A-VN/4872

The highly successful, prolific, and influential violin making firm of Gand and Bernardel (Gand et Bernardel Frères) was founded by violin makers Charles Nicolas Eugène Gand and the brothers Gustave and Ernest Bernardel in Paris in 1866. Gand and the Bernardel brothers had trained under their respective fathers, Charles François Gand and Auguste Sebastien Philippe Bernardel, both of whom had studied with Nicolas Lupot, commonly known as the "French Stradivari."

Through 1892, Gand and Bernardel produced a great number of instruments and bows of the highest quality, employing some of the finest makers of the time. Gustave Bernardel oversaw the firm until his retirement in 1901, when he sold the shop to two prominent employees, Albert Caressa and Henri Français. Under the name of Caressa & Français, the great Lupot tradition of violin making continued to the end of the 20th century under Emile Français, father of Jacques Français, who would in turn form one of the most prestigious violin shops of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Instruments from Gand and Bernardel are extremely well-regarded and highly sought after by professional musicians and those seeking a professional career.

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