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Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr. cello, Markneukirchen 1892

Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr. cello, Markneukirchen 1892Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr. cello, Markneukirchen 1892Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr. cello, Markneukirchen 1892
Catalog ID: A-CE/4436

Heinrich Theodor Heberlein, Jr. (b.1843, d.1909) was a German luthier who was widely regarded as one of the best makers in Markneukirchen during the 19th century. He is the most well-known member of the Heberlein dynasty of violin makers, due to his impeccable skill in both crafting and trading instruments.

He studied under his father, Carl August Heberlein. He then went on to work in Leipzig and Hanover for Ludwig Bausch and August Riechers, respectively. In 1863, he established his own firm, where he predominantly made violins, as well as violas, cellos, and bows until his retirement in 1897. He incorporated many of the homogenous characteristics of the old school into his work, from modelling to design. But his instruments' most prized quality is their impeccable varnish work, which exude warmth and a sense of well-worn beauty.

As he perfected his craft, so did his aptitude for commerce increase, which successfully introduced his firm's high-quality instruments to a wider market at reasonable prices.

Heinrich Theodor, Jr. received numerous distinctions in his lifetime, including the Knight of the Saxonian Albrecht Order and at least a dozen medals in various European exhibitions.

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