Carbon Fiber Bows

String players are recognizing the new synthetic bows as valuable musical tools. These bows are now being made to provide high performance and outstanding sound at a very reasonable price.

The material used is a special carbon fiber which, unlike wood, can be made to be consistent in mass and flexibility.

We are an authorized CodaBow and JonPaul Bow dealer.

Carbon Fiber Bows


The CodaBow family of fine graphite-fiber performance bows represent years of careful study and evaluation of history's greatest bows - bows from masters, such as F. Tourte, D. Peccate and J. Tubbs.

Committed to the art of bow making, CodaBow has united time-honored traditions with the science of today's advanced materials.

The result are bows that not only feel and perform at levels that will please any player, they, also produces a sound found only in the finest pernambuco bows - a sound you need to hear to appreciate.

CodaBow Carbon Fiber Bows


JonPaul bows include a line of bows designed for the serious player on a budget to those who demand a professional sound.

From the Bravo to the Avanti, all JonPaul bows are beautifully made.

JonPaul Carbon Fiber Bows

Johnson Artist

The Johnson Artist Carbon composite cello bow has a sleek, black stick of high quality carbon composite material, and is strung with high quality horse hair.

The bow is strong, flexible, and handles well and provides rich, clear tone.

Johnson Artist Carbon Composite Bows

Velocity Bows

Blending traditional performance with innovative carbon fiber technology, Velocity bows are available in four levels ranging from the durable Artist to the professional Voyager.

All models feature a proprietary graphite-fiber material that mimics the feel of traditional wooden bows.

Velocity Carbon Composite Bows

Student Bows

Glasser and Artist bows starting around $200

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Bow Cases

Glasser and Artist bows starting around $200

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